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Critical acclaim for Jim Graseck

Jim at the WTC


The critics say...

"The most incredible music-making of the evening came from Jim, the violinist extraordinaire...He plays with an emotional and musical richness...most stunningly present in Jim's drop-dead gorgeous account of 'Home Away From Home'." — Hartford Telegram & Gazette

"Felicitous dynamic manipulations in Bach's Sonata in G minor...rendered powerfully. Lovingly turned performances." — The New York Times

"Produced a magic carpet of sound...a total stage presence." — New Era, Lancaster

"An exceptionally fine violinist." — The New York Times

The people say...

"James, it's been a long time since I've witnessed (and shared) such an extraordinary rapport between an artist and his audience" — T. Flournoy

"When I was 14, my parents took me to my first concert, and we sat in the first row and heard Heifetz at his best...What an experience! Since then I've loved music—live—and have had thrills...But not, from any, as great a lift as last night. How joyful it was...I've never seen as much affection between an audience and a man—and a superb artist at that." — D. Hays

"Two years ago, on Easter, I heard you play on 5th Avenue during my one visit to New York. I was so impressed and fascinated with your playing...To be able to stand a few feet from you and listen is wonderful." — P.R. Kuehn

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